Vehicle Leasing Software DNA Ltd trading as VLSDNA is an enterprise software business that offers solutions to digitalise the motor industry. VLSDNA modular systems are designed to offer a full solution integrating a public facing website, CRM, compliance auditing, real time data capture, advanced reporting, customer portals and feeds to advertising portals.

The VLSDNA system increases productivity, promotes collaboration and generates business intelligence for motor industry companies of all sizes. Our solutions are always secure and reliable and our team of experts are always keen to support you.

Our team are experts in enterprise software. By creating a team that combines real industry experience with decades of enterprise software technology we are able to connect with the issues facing our customers and develop innovative solutions to overcome them.

As both industry and technology constantly evolve, our solutions evolve too. We ensure our customers are always equipped with the tools to tackle emerging challenges you face.


What do we provide?

  • A new professional responsive website branded to your company image driven by CAP data.
  • We have a reseller agreement with CAP HPI for the vehicle data, so we offer the best data at the most competitive rates.
  • Commission structure features.
  • Select your own special offers adverts.
  • Create "Fast Searches".
  • In-built CRM allowing you to track the full process of each transaction from enquiry to delivery to renewal reminders.
  • Quickly generate quotes from the front end website directly linked to the clients account.
  • Online digital signature - no need for physical printing, scanning and emailing.
  • Unique search functionality.
  • Analytics allowing the data to be mined however you choose, you tell us the reports you need to drive your business and we'll build them!
  • Feeds to advertising portals using CAP data.
  • Rate-books can be uploaded crunching thousands of adverts with no limits.
  • All transactions are date and time stamped and it records which user processed the transaction giving you a full audit history.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • The system highlights when deals are due to expire and automatically withdraws them from the website on the selected date, ensuring your advertising is always accurate.
  • Ability to upload adverts on a individual basis using CAP codes or make and model search.

Why choose us?

  • Continuous improvement and reinvestment to drive stabilised growth.
  • Multi lingual database structure to allow global growth.
  • Enterprise structured framework.
  • Database driven website.
  • Supporting companies of all sizes.
  • Innovation to push the boundaries.
  • We continually innovate & evolve our software.

Set up fee is £0
Subscriptions from:

  • £349 (small broker)
  • £425 (medium broker)
  • £499 (large broker)

We offer online training and continuous telephone support

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the market leading software provider for the motor industry by empowering our customers and providing excellence as standard.

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We are ambitious & passionate about what we do & our future journey.


We continually innovate our products, services, systems & processes.


We are driven to achieve milestones & continually exceed targets.


We focus on our customers so you can focus on yours.


We listen to our customers and work collaboratively to provide them exactly what they need.

Customer Care

We focus on delighting customers in all we do.

Treat Our Customers Fairly

We treat our customers fairly by giving everyone our high level of service at the most competitive price.


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 01772 925240

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